5 Smart Ways to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

Let’s face it the digital age is here to stayWeb Email Marketing Icons

Everyday Social Media marketing techniques are helping many entrepreneurs grow their businesses and if you are one of those you haven’t yet got used to the idea, now is the time to jump on board.

I sympathise however as there are quite a few Social Media platforms out there and knowing which ones you should choose to market your business strategically can be quite overwhelming, especially if you try to use too many in your marketing strategy.

There is one such Social Media platform which I recommend you can get started with.Email marketing once used strategically to together with your overall marketing strategy can help you grow your business.

Email has been around since the early part of the millennium but has developed significantly over the past decade to be more than just a normal communication tool.You most probably use email during your day to day business communication with clients but you can also use Email Marketing as part of your Social Media strategy to grow your business.

Here are 5 ways you can grow your business with Email Marketing:

  1. Lead generation tool – This is a strategic way to connect with potential clients online. By offering irresistible content to the subscriber in exchange for their email address gives you an opportunity to build your database of prospective clients.
  1. Campaigns/ Promotion of products and services – You can use email marketing to create campaigns to promote your product or service which you might be featuring as part of your marketing strategy. These campaigns can be systemized saving you valuable time and money.
  1. Digital Newsletters/Announcements – Digital newsletters are useful in keeping clients up-dated with relevant information relating to your business. Used as part of your overall marketing strategy, announcements in your newsletters can be an excellent way to send targeted information to prospects and current clients.
  1. Feedback/Surveys– You can create surveys to clients which provide valuable information for your business. This information can be used for testimonials to share with potential clients as well as measuring insights on customer service.
  2. Events/Registrations – If you are in the business of offering Workshops and seminars to promote your business, Email Marketing has the facility to create an events page and collect registrations without you physically being there. Attendees data can be collected online and stored for your information saving you time and energy.

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