7 Reasons Why Solicitors Should Engage a Qualified Book-keeper!

businesswoman working with computer in office
(1) Do you often wonder why some practices are doing so well
while others are just surviving?
(2) Are you recording and billing clients in a timely manner to
minimise your overdraft?
(3) What new steps are needed to comply with the changes
in the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA Rules)?
(4) Can you meet an officer from the SRA with the confidence
that you are compliant?
(5) Have you been filing quarterly VAT Returns to HMRC by
the due date?
(6) How efficient is your payroll function in meeting the PAYE
and NICs requirements?
(7) Which group of your clients should be given high priority
based on their value to your practice?
(8) How often do you monitor the performance of your practice?
Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Annually?
(9) Should your practice be looking to expand into new
(10) Would you have to discontinue any services in order to
pursue new business?
Legal Cashiers and Accounts Managers can help you. They can
be catalysts offering support to a successful law firm. Their contribution
exceeds the costs to engage them.
Competent all-round Legal Cashiers or solid Accounts Managers
who have been trained and qualified with the ILFM (Institute of Legal Finance Managers) or another
accounting organisation are helping successful law firms realise their
fullest potential. Often their jobs are amalgamated with running
the office, part of the practice management especially in smaller law firms.

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