Legal Accountancy

In keeping on the right side of the SRA Accounting Rules it is important that you have good experienced accounts personnel to support you in keeping ‘good books of account’.

Having a qualified Legal Book-keeper is paramount in supporting the financial aspects of your law practice.

Employed Legal accounts personnel who has several years’ experience and the requisite qualifications can be costly especially if you are a new start-up, sole or small practice.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time Legal Book-keeper we offer the same level of accounting support virtually.

We help you not only with book-keeping functions but we also assist you with financial management and credit control procedures to boost your cash flow. All these essential services to keep you updated with the financial reports you can trust and rely on, ensuring your clients’ monies are recorded separately from the business. Reduce your accountancy costs by using our services virtually and have peace of mind knowing that your finances will be maintained by qualified accountancy personnel.

Do you Need a professional Book-keeper? Get help with ALL aspects your LEGAL Accounts!

If you are looking for MORE reliable accounts that you can depend on to make strategic business decisions, download SMART BOOK-KEEPING FOR LAWYERS FREE GUIDE!

  • You will receive a strategic ACTION plan to keep you cash flow fluent
  • Useful TIPS to stay on the right side of the SRA Rules.
  • How to manage a SRA and or VAT Inspection.

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