We are a growing diverse virtual Legal Accountancy and Social Media Marketing Company helping solicitors to maintain good books of account whilst diversely helping you develop creative Social Media Marketing strategies to Keep Your Practice Full of Paying Clients.

Experts in this field we understand the needs and challenges of law practices and provide support to the growing demands of law firms. We understand you love and live the law supporting your clients to receive the best advice but that comes at a price.

If your clients are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations, this impacts on your bottom line. This is where we come in.

Do you feel frustrated with your financial reports and know it’s time your accounts needs an overhaul?


Whether you are a new start-up, Sole Practitioner, medium-sized or large law firm managing a successful law practice requires good financial management information that you can rely on.

Handling your clients’ monies whilst maintaining the firm’s finances requires strict adherence to the Solicitors Regulation Authority Rules.

If your accounts function is inadequate this could leave you feeling frustrated and under pressure whilst you manage your busy work load.

It is essential that you maintain good books of account with strict adherence to the rules but to do this you know you need the help and support of qualified Legal finance personnel.

Someone who understands how busy your case load can become by administering the law representing your clients. This is where qualified and experience financial management can assist you with the growing demands of managing your law firm.

It is important that you can rely on the accounts team to produce accurate financial figures to assist you with the financial decisions of maintaining a successful business.

Whether it’s Cash Flow Forecasting, Legal Book-keeping or Credit control to either monitor cash flow or analyse financial information. These are some of the services we provide to support Solicitors.

This we do virtually. Either with your own accounting software which we access virtually over encrypted security. Alternatively if you are a new start-up or growing sole practitioner you can have access to one of our Preferred Partners Accounts Programs at a competitive monthly cost.

You send us the work and we take care of all aspects of the accounts in accordance with the SRA Rules.

This reduces your costs, saving you valuable time and money.

Rest assured your accounts will be administered by qualified Legal Cashiers who are trained with Institute of Legal Finance Managers with over two decades of experience.

You will have access to your accounts at any time whether it’s in-house or virtual.

For more information on how we can assist you do get in touch here.


Accountancy Services

Some of the service we can assist you with include:

Legal book-keeping.

Keeping on the right side of the SRA is paramount for solicitors.

Having an accounts team you can trust and rely on gives you the confidence and peace of mind knowing your finances are being handled by an experience team leaving you to do what you do best? Administering the law and supporting your clients.

We will ensure Client and Office Account monies are maintained daily within the perimeters of the SRA regulations. Reconciling your accounts weekly to ensure good books of account.

Highlighting any possible breaches and communicating and working with you directly to rectify these.

Financial Management

We provide monthly Financial Reports that you can rely on to help you make those all important financial decisions. Cash flow forecasts and Management accounts information that will ensure you keep track of your budgetary and actual projections.

We also work with a team of expert accountants in our field who can provide strategic financial planning reports for your business if you require.

VAT Preparation

We prepare VAT Returns and submit to HMRC on your behalf. We also offer assistance and guidance with VAT registration and VAT schemes for new start-ups.

Budgeting/Cash Flow Reporting

Working closely with owners/managers/partners in budget setting and preparation of cash flow forecasts and analysis of cash flows for your bank to review and report on performance.

Credit Control

Cash flow is king’. We assist in collecting outstanding fees leaving you to assist clients doing what you love.

Client Billing

We can assist with the preparation of monthly client invoicing creating a regular billing cycle for you and your clients.

Payroll/ Year End Summary

Preparation of weekly/monthly salaries and submission of monthly PAYE to HMRC. Preparation of year end summaries including P60’s P11d expenses and related payroll queries.

Preparation of Year End Accounts

Working with external accounts we also prepare the Year End Accounts to enable auditors to carry out their final audit checks before submission to the SRA.

Problem Accounts

Investigative analysis of problem accounts with solutions in relation to law firms. Experience in overseeing SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) audits and VAT Inspections.